WS:39 BS:52 S:36 T:31 AG:41 Int:36 Per:41 WP:30 Fel:45 Inf:29

Wounds: 15
Corruption: 44
Gifts of the Gods: Eye of Chaos, Blessed Fits, Illusion of Normalcy


Weapons: Shotgun Pistol, Longlas, Reaver Long Rifle
Armor: Carapace Armor, Cameleon Cloak
Other: Dataslate W/ Tactica Emperialis, Medikit, 5 Frag grendades, Rebreather, 4 Hotshot Rounds, Silencer, Red Dot Sight, Scope

Advancements/ Alignment

XP Earned: 4750, XP Spent: 4250
Rapid Reload- 250 S
Lightning Reflexes- 250 S
BS +10-750 Ux2
Crack Shot- 500 S
Sharpshooter- 500 S
Agi +10- 750 Ux2
Per +5- 250 U
Target Selection- 500 U
Leap Up- 250 S
Inquiry- 200 T
Exotic Reaver Long Rifle- 500 N

Khorne-0 Slaanesh-5 Nurgle-1 Tzeentch-1 Unaligned-8

Currently Unaligned


Born on Dargon Prime, the worker known as Moris Thelden was going to be a tiny cog in the hive for his entire life. He was born knowing this, grew up knowing this, and hated every minute of it. He wanted adventure, to leave a legacy behind like the mighty Emperor himself. He also knew that with his meager talents he had no hope of accomplishing this. With that in mind, he began to train with a weapon bought off the black market. He became very good, but a neighbor eventually ratted him out for a chance at advancment. With fines levied against him and jail time in his future, Moris saw the truth, that looking out for ones self was the only way to survive. With this in mind he served his sentence and returned to work, an even smaller cog then before.
Despair came over him until another worker approached him with a proposition. Join an upcoming coup and he could make a better life for himself, join and he could possibly work his way up to leave the legacy he so desired.
So began Moris’s time as an Accension rebel. He easily won his sniper rifle from the ragtag rebels, and when the time was right, the rebels attacked. Having been renamed by the rebels as Seethe, his fortune did change when he chose to betray his fellows and leave the planet of his birth, always watching for a way to advance himself to leader of the group…


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