To Infinity and Beyond

Session Six

The sniper rejoins the team unscathed after descending 20 flights of stairs, swimming across the canal, and sprinting to the current location of interest. No questions asked. And, downing another squad of Ascendant Militia, the team moves into doctor Graccus Fal’s laboratory. Then, after taking the “good” doctor hostage and felling another Militia squad you take his shuttle and make way to the orbital station. The gods must favor you as the flak fire is mostly ineffective in downing your lighter, and the chief of the orbital station has too much on his plate to deal properly with supposed inquisitorial agents. After boarding the only warp worthy ship at the station, Hope’s Revenge, the stars are within your grasp.

You’ve each gained 500 experience for your exploits during this mission. Congratulations on closing the first chapter towards staging a Black Crusade! The compact made by your party to escape Drogan has now been fulfilled, so take an additional 250 experience points(750 total for this session). Escaping Drogan Prime and the Evolution Angel by hijacking a Transport while posing as Inquisitorial agents is sure to grant a nice chunk of infamy to you and your party as soon as word gets out.
The terminal's information on Hope's Revenge



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