A Truck with Supplies and an Explosion

Session Four

With the compact fresh in mind, your party makes headway towards the spaceport. This takes you straight through the shipyard. The action is starting to die down, as rebels seem to have taken control of the city. Throughout the night you load a container with goods and then load that container on a truck. Sleep is cut short as the guard in the tower calls out; a search party is approaching. Hasty boob traps are set and you head out in your truck under cover of darkness. The trap fails to set and unphased, your sniper takes aim, triggering it manually. A huge explosion rocks the city. Parking and taking guard, the party takes a much needed rest. In the early morning, the group sees that the bridge to the space port is a battle site. The rebel controlled port is under siege from a small loyalist force. Instead of cutting through the battle, you move to take the opposite shore via the canal and lots of swimming.

Each member of the warband has gained 500 experience for the battle and one point of corruption for setting a trap to kill hundreds of enemies and civilians even though they easily could have escaped without detection.
Explosion in the shipyard


The look on Brian’s face when we did this made it worth it.


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