Rabble Rousing

Session Seven

The team, now safety aboard Hope’s Revenge, is shocked when the ship lurches into motion and then ends up in warp space. As it turns out Inquisitor Quivil Oleous has murdered the navigator and all hell breaks loose on the bridge as the ship’s crew, inquisitorial impostors, and a real inquisitor all battle for supremacy. In the end, it’s the Quivil’s aide, a Sister Hospitaller named Sister Serra, that finished the job leaving Quivil with only enough life to kill himself to preserve whatever scraps of dignity he had. Captain Wayard Cain dead, and with Executive Officer Napea Vall on deck as acting officer, the crew stages a mutiny with no small part played by our chaotic friend’s and their new Sororitas ally. Now it’s on to the bridge with a small army of released prisoners so they may at last assert their rightful place as lords of the vessel.

Each of you has gained 500 experience for the session. Each member of the group also gain one point of infamy and one point of corruption being part of the now infamous Betrayal of Inquisitor Quivil; the Gods smile upon you. Nemeth Zar’Akin takes an additional point of infamy as the Gods revel in his initiative; staging a brash, nigh suicidal, and very bloody breakout. Sister Serra has already received an additional 1 point of infamy and 3 points of corruption in game for slaying her former master (a great hero of the Imperium) and forsaking the Emperor once and for all.

Freed prisoners armed and preparing for mutiny



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