Prison Break

Session One

A large contingent of heretics and freethinkers including you were locked up in a prison of Dargon Prime near the center of Dargon City itself. Luckily, some commotion on the other side of your prison walls called the guards’ attention. Left up to your own devices, you managed to force open the prison doors. Killing all of the guards and even the captain himself, you managed to find your weaponry and escape. Meeting you outside, a warband leader asks that you join her in conquest of this world, offering you power in return for servitude. You aptly declined and formed a compact to seek your own destiny among the stars.

You’ve each gained 500 experience points for this escape, two points of corruption for your murderous rage, and one point of infamy for the courage to seize the day.

Detention Block AA-23


BrianMichaelHartman BrianMichaelHartman

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