Captain's Chair

Session Eight

Hoorah! The mutineers have taken Hope’s Revenge! After a bloody fight, the rule of Executive Officer Napea Vall was over thrown and Nemeth Zar’Akin is now the lord of this vessel. Order has returned to the ship, at least for now, and you’re on your way into the reaches of the Calixis sector, although you’re not sure where. All you can figure out is that you’re headed towards the galactic north east, and it seems that you might even be able to drop out of warp with some sense of safety before reaching your mysterious destination in roughly 20 days time. While in warp, you’ve decided to cull the more severely wounded ostensibly to save valuable supplies. Meanwhile, the loyalists will be tried; the officers and the more obstinate crew will be summarily executed.

For completing another session you’re each rewarded 500 experience, and each member receives 3 corruption points as the gods take notice that you’ve liberated one of their favorite void ships. Nemeth Zar’Akin recieves 2 bonus corruption points for ordering mass executions of the wounded. Torian Victrix will receive a larger bonus of corruption points for carrying out order once the act is done. In addition, you’ve completed your compact, awarding each of the original members (Nemeth Zar’Akin, Segovaxx, Brett’s character, and Torian Victrix) a total of 12 infamy. Sister Serra will gain 6 infamy for her contributions. This total was derrived from completion of four secondary objectives that awarded two infamy points each and a primary objective that awarded four points.

1. Obtain supplies for journey +2
2. Access orbital docks +2
3. Board voidship +2
4. Foment rebellion +2
PRIMARY: Captain a voidship +4

Bridge of Hope's Revenge


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