Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

Session Ten

After clearing out a hullghast infestation, Sister Serra is lured into an empty cargo bay by Nemeth Zar’Akin under the guise of improving her weaponry with daemonic possession. Nemeth Zar’Akin summons the daemon who is in turn just barely bound to the inferno pistol. Sister Serra wields the weapon, but in her weakened state the daemon easily breaks his bonds and courses through the weapon to possess her instead!
The group then warp jumps to the Fyrae system. It seems that this daemon possessing Sister Serra is truly chaotic in nature, as he immediately seizes the opportunity to corrupt and kill scores of crew. After coming out of warp, the crew are immediately seized upon by a local pirate group calling themselves, “the Wolfpack.” They say that the team must buy their right of passage by eliminating an Imperial Cult on the agriworld Fydae Minos. Intent on efficiency, the team decides a quick orbital bombardment should do nicely. Before they can take aim at the capital, however, they first battle the orbital defense platforms. The engagement goes very well at first, but soon the massed fire of the adroit weapon battery crews cripples and then destroys the Queen’s Racer! With a scant few minutes left, the group makes a hasty retreat to the escape pods. Not long after jettisoning, they look back to see the warp drive implode, ripping a massive hole in reality that sucks in the remainder of the ship and an orbital platform with it. But not all is lost as all of the members survive (absent Sister Serra). It seems this isn’t the end, but rather a new beginning…
Each of you gains 500 experience for this session. In addition, you’ve each gained the displeasure of the gods and lost respect among your mortal peers. You’re equipped with whatever you had on your person while manning the bridge. This probably includes weapons and armor, but does not include your boxes of weapons, biological samples, computer stored data, tools, servitors, ect. Also, the improved poison formulated for Brett’s character was sitting on Torian Victrix’s lab tale at the time of the explosion.
The death of Queen's Racer



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