Mustering the Army

Calling your team together, a new compact is formed to find and secure a home port. The plan is written in the language of daemons, accented with the blood of innocents. Each of you signs this manifest, witnessed and blessed by the dark pantheon. Evil done by this unholy compact is dedicated to the Changer of Ways, Tzeentch.

Compact Name: Mustering the Army – Dedicated to Tzeentch

Convene Location: Bridge of Thunder Lord

Annointed: Vae’rul Tormaegus

Scope of Contract: Endeavor
Primary Objective: Muster Forces Necessary for Black Crusade
Secondary Objective 1: Obtain star charts for Koronus and Calixis
Secondary Objective 2: Obtain Tyrant Cord
Secondary Objective 3: Refit fleet for war
Secondary Objective 4: Build cadre of loyal leaders
Secondary Objective 5: Conquer at least 1 forge world
Secondary Objective 6: Conquer at least 1 populous world
Secondary Objective 7: Establish an anchor base in real space
Secondary Objective 8: Find and plunder the Kasserkratch
Secondary Objective 9: Assemble and equip army

Mustering the Army

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