Dargon Prime

Type Small iron/silicate
Radius 2200.77 km (0.35 x Terra)
Surface Area 6.09 × 107 km2
Land Area 2.10 × 107 km2 (0.15 x Terra)
Mass 2.41 × 1023 kg (0.82 x Terra)
Composition 90.9% iron, 1.1% silicon, 1.7% nickel, 5.2% other metals, 1.1% other elements
Gravity: 8.36 m/s2 (0.82 x Terra)
Rotation Period: 14 Hours
Axis Tilt: 34.47 °
Hydrosphere : 50 %
Climate: Temperate
Min Temp: -60 °C
Avg Temp: 5 °C
Max Temp: 40 °C

Satellites: Three small moons

Terrain: There are two continents on the small planet of Dargon. The larger of the two makes up 80 percent of the land area. That continent is almost entirely mountainous and/or extremely cold. The south eastern coast of this larger continent is covered in an uninterrupted forest and the most northerly area is frigid tundra with deep snows. The other, smaller continent is mostly snow covered uninhabitable tundra but has a peninsula of more temperate, forested areas. There are few natural harbors as most of the coast is lined with cliff faces. The harbors that do exist are heavily populated.

Flora: Deciduous Forests thickly blanket all non-mountainous, temperate areas.

Fauna: Large, various animal populations. Most species are of insectoid origin. Many medium to small sized forest dwelling mammalian herbivores are spread uniformly throughout.

Human Settlement: Four major cities are present on the planet of which reside 98% of the 43 million citizens. The capital city, Dargon City, is a very large port city on the northern continent boasting more than 14 million imperial citizens. It is rumored that men do live in the mountainous area where the more vicious wildlife cannot reach them, but this is both unconfirmed and unlikely.

In ancient times, Dargon was a wilderness untamed by man. Even after the golden age of Humanity the planet was untouched by civilization. It wasn’t until the warp gate opened long after the Horus Heresy that the planet was cataloged and settled. It seems likely that there was some sort of natural cloaking that hid this place from view, only revealing the pristine forests after this phenomena was displaced by the Vortex. However, others believe there may be a more sinister reason; as if the secrecy of an entire planet was a carefully laid trap.

The planet’s forests, as the first colonists were soon to find out, were crawling with savage beasts. It’s theorized that the proximity to such a prominent warp storm caused the animals of the forest to gain both intelligence and savagery. After the catastrophic loss of almost an entire ark of colonists, Imperial forces swept the forests clean in a long, costly purging that was said to have cleansed the planet.

Long after colonization there are still stories of the red eyes in the forest; creatures that roam the night, stalking human flesh. These stories are now as much as fable, and are told to children who won’t mind their manners. Even still there is an occasional body found at the edges of cities, mauled beyond recognition. People are afraid of the forest for this reason, although it’s chalked up to wild dogs as the alternative explanation is all too frightening for most.

Dargon has long teetered on the edge of revolt. It’s position on the edge of the Vortex has lead to numerous defensive wars against the agents of chaos as well as the xenos threat. Internal threats range from general insubordination due to the proximity of dark forces to outright rebellion. Sometimes these rebellions are small, some are large. Often the rebels have no inkling of what they are fighting for, but rather fight because of the insatiable lust for war and instigation. As such, the PDF forces are well equipped and well used to fighting the would be usurpers and cutting them off at the start.

The most recent rebellion that most are calling the Mutant Ascension is something of an enigma on this world. Riots broke out among the populace of all the major cities in unison two months prior. These riots were put down after a few weeks but their true nature was never uncovered. Their demands, as often does occur in a warp tainted world, were vague and bloody.

After the rioters had returned to their homes and the streets regained some sort of normalcy, the Adeptus Arbites and local enforcement found a spike in mutant insurgencies. It seemed that the mutants had used the riots to find their way out of the sewers – blending into mainstream society. Those that were detained claimed that their time had come – someone who they called, the Angel of Evolution made them greater than any human. And even more dire, it is said that these abominations are only the precursor for some greater threat. These creatures say that just as the Angel strengthened them beyond their potential so has he worked with humans.

And then, two months to the day after the original riots, it seemed that the time had indeed come. Throngs of mutated beasts and cultists threw off their disguises and left their places of hiding as if on cue. Chaos enveloped the major cities of Dargon as hordes of rebels attacked key strategic locations and worked together to overthrow the local governments from the inside.

After just 24 hours the rebels gained control over all major cities and thoroughfares. The PDF forces had been mostly pushed back into their strongholds and bases – guarding key governmental officials and munition supply. The local guard garrison fell after a two day siege and it’s feared that their weapons and vehicles have been taken hostage.

In Dargon City, life has returned to a sort of normalcy. The vendors have reopened shop and order is maintained by the Angel of Evolution and his Mutant Ascension rather than the planetary Governor. Two full Vostroyan regiments have been dispatched to regain control of the planet. The orbital station and defense platforms remain unscathed and completely operational; offloading the last of refugees and making ready for war.

Dargon Prime

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