Captain's Chair
Session Eight

Hoorah! The mutineers have taken Hope’s Revenge! After a bloody fight, the rule of Executive Officer Napea Vall was over thrown and Nemeth Zar’Akin is now the lord of this vessel. Order has returned to the ship, at least for now, and you’re on your way into the reaches of the Calixis sector, although you’re not sure where. All you can figure out is that you’re headed towards the galactic north east, and it seems that you might even be able to drop out of warp with some sense of safety before reaching your mysterious destination in roughly 20 days time. While in warp, you’ve decided to cull the more severely wounded ostensibly to save valuable supplies. Meanwhile, the loyalists will be tried; the officers and the more obstinate crew will be summarily executed.

For completing another session you’re each rewarded 500 experience, and each member receives 3 corruption points as the gods take notice that you’ve liberated one of their favorite void ships. Nemeth Zar’Akin recieves 2 bonus corruption points for ordering mass executions of the wounded. Torian Victrix will receive a larger bonus of corruption points for carrying out order once the act is done. In addition, you’ve completed your compact, awarding each of the original members (Nemeth Zar’Akin, Segovaxx, Brett’s character, and Torian Victrix) a total of 12 infamy. Sister Serra will gain 6 infamy for her contributions. This total was derrived from completion of four secondary objectives that awarded two infamy points each and a primary objective that awarded four points.

1. Obtain supplies for journey +2
2. Access orbital docks +2
3. Board voidship +2
4. Foment rebellion +2
PRIMARY: Captain a voidship +4

Bridge of Hope's Revenge

Rabble Rousing
Session Seven

The team, now safety aboard Hope’s Revenge, is shocked when the ship lurches into motion and then ends up in warp space. As it turns out Inquisitor Quivil Oleous has murdered the navigator and all hell breaks loose on the bridge as the ship’s crew, inquisitorial impostors, and a real inquisitor all battle for supremacy. In the end, it’s the Quivil’s aide, a Sister Hospitaller named Sister Serra, that finished the job leaving Quivil with only enough life to kill himself to preserve whatever scraps of dignity he had. Captain Wayard Cain dead, and with Executive Officer Napea Vall on deck as acting officer, the crew stages a mutiny with no small part played by our chaotic friend’s and their new Sororitas ally. Now it’s on to the bridge with a small army of released prisoners so they may at last assert their rightful place as lords of the vessel.

Each of you has gained 500 experience for the session. Each member of the group also gain one point of infamy and one point of corruption being part of the now infamous Betrayal of Inquisitor Quivil; the Gods smile upon you. Nemeth Zar’Akin takes an additional point of infamy as the Gods revel in his initiative; staging a brash, nigh suicidal, and very bloody breakout. Sister Serra has already received an additional 1 point of infamy and 3 points of corruption in game for slaying her former master (a great hero of the Imperium) and forsaking the Emperor once and for all.

Freed prisoners armed and preparing for mutiny

To Infinity and Beyond
Session Six

The sniper rejoins the team unscathed after descending 20 flights of stairs, swimming across the canal, and sprinting to the current location of interest. No questions asked. And, downing another squad of Ascendant Militia, the team moves into doctor Graccus Fal’s laboratory. Then, after taking the “good” doctor hostage and felling another Militia squad you take his shuttle and make way to the orbital station. The gods must favor you as the flak fire is mostly ineffective in downing your lighter, and the chief of the orbital station has too much on his plate to deal properly with supposed inquisitorial agents. After boarding the only warp worthy ship at the station, Hope’s Revenge, the stars are within your grasp.

You’ve each gained 500 experience for your exploits during this mission. Congratulations on closing the first chapter towards staging a Black Crusade! The compact made by your party to escape Drogan has now been fulfilled, so take an additional 250 experience points(750 total for this session). Escaping Drogan Prime and the Evolution Angel by hijacking a Transport while posing as Inquisitorial agents is sure to grant a nice chunk of infamy to you and your party as soon as word gets out.
The terminal's information on Hope's Revenge

Finding a Way Off This Rock
Session Five

Your way to a viable craft isn’t easy. After crossing the channel you immediate encounter another wave of enemies and then, after scaling a building for a better view of the battlefield, yet another squad. The group moves towards the closest port and hacks through defenders, some inquisitive mutants, and even a chaos spawn. Midst the battle, the closest flak guns guarding this port are rigged to explode and two tech servitors are reprogrammed for your cause.

In addition to the 500 experience gained for this session each player has also gained one infamy point for killing a Chaos Spawn within seconds of it’s arrival. Your group is now known as a vicious warband to the people of Dargon City, and word will soon spread.
Graccus Fal's facility and starport

A Truck with Supplies and an Explosion
Session Four
With the compact fresh in mind, your party makes headway towards the spaceport. This takes you straight through the shipyard. The action is starting to die down, as rebels seem to have taken control of the city. Throughout the night you load a container with goods and then load that container on a truck. Sleep is cut short as the guard in the tower calls out; a search party is approaching. Hasty boob traps are set and you head out in your truck under cover of darkness. The trap fails to set and unphased, your sniper takes aim, triggering it manually. A huge explosion rocks the city. Parking and taking guard, the party takes a much needed rest. In the early morning, the group sees that the bridge to the space port is a battle site. The rebel controlled port is under siege from a small loyalist force. Instead of cutting through the battle, you move to take the opposite shore via the canal and lots of swimming.

Each member of the warband has gained 500 experience for the battle and one point of corruption for setting a trap to kill hundreds of enemies and civilians even though they easily could have escaped without detection.
Explosion in the shipyard

Headed to the Shipyard
Session Three

Deeper into the city is the only way to go. The Governor’s mansion is clearly cut off by design – all bridges are destroyed and the compound turned into a fortress in a vain hope of salvation. As your draw closer to your ultimate destination, more than half of the original compact members decide to make their own path and abandon your cause but one interrogated rebel joins up under threat of death. The team presses on into the beginnings of a shipping yard.

You’ve each earned 500 experience for cutting deep into the wartorn city. Take two points of corruption for embracing evil and one point of infamy for your ability to cut a bloody swathe through Imperial and Rebel alike.

Combat on the way to the shipyard

City Square
Session Two

Your part quickly reached city center and began your legacy by spilling the blood of your enemies. Local PDF and rebels both died to your blade, gun, and psyche. In the end, you pushed aside the meager resistance, headed eastward.

You’ve each earned 500 experience for your city fight. An additional 2 corruption on top of that for killing all who cross you, and one point of infamy for the same.
Fight in the city square

Prison Break
Session One

A large contingent of heretics and freethinkers including you were locked up in a prison of Dargon Prime near the center of Dargon City itself. Luckily, some commotion on the other side of your prison walls called the guards’ attention. Left up to your own devices, you managed to force open the prison doors. Killing all of the guards and even the captain himself, you managed to find your weaponry and escape. Meeting you outside, a warband leader asks that you join her in conquest of this world, offering you power in return for servitude. You aptly declined and formed a compact to seek your own destiny among the stars.

You’ve each gained 500 experience points for this escape, two points of corruption for your murderous rage, and one point of infamy for the courage to seize the day.

Detention Block AA-23


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