Shadow Sword

A farseer's sword bound with the essence of a great daemon

weapon (melee)

Shadow Sword (1d10+10E, Pen 7, Balanced, Warp Weapon, Felling (4), Nightmare Muse, Shadow Shroud, Lifebane)

Nightmare Muse (Howling) ~ The horrible visage of this weapon strikes terror into its victims. +1 to wielder’s fear rating when attacking.

Shadow Shroud (Impervious) ~ Above all things, the Beast is self preserving; a cloud of shadow and terror conceal the sword and its bearer. Force field with protection rating 80 that never overloads. Instead, if the protection roll is a double, roll on the psychic phenomena table.

Lifebane (Embodiment of Decay) ~ Any creature puny or smaller with TB2 or less will rendered into a lifeless husk if it remains within 7 meters of the weapon for more than one round. -10 penalty on toughness tests of all others.

Shadowflame ~ Dark flames wreath the weapon when it’s in the presence of life. The more life, the more intense the infernal flames. Any creature wounded by The Shadow Sword must succeed an agility test or catch on fire.

Cutting Despair ~ Those that oppose the blade find only despair and pessimism as a reward. Any creature wounded by the Shadow Sword must take a challenging willpower test. If failed, the creature can only take one half action next turn as crushing depression clouds their mind.

Shadow Sword


This magnificent sword was once owned by farseer Alnith. It became infested with the Beast of Dreams when Alnith slew the daemon in combat. The daemon broke free, but is ever-tied to the blade – using it as a deadly weapon. Recently, the Beast was released from The Labyrinth Stone and once again bound to the sword.

Shadow Sword

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