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Quivil's Inferno Pistol

weapon (ranged)

Quivil’s Inferno Pistol
(Pistol; 12m; S/-/-; 2d10+10E; Pen 12; Clip 3; Rld Full; Melta, Reduced, Built by Ancients, One of a Kind, 1.5kg)

Reduced: Light, compact, and well balanced, this weapon confers a +10 bonus to the bearer’s weapon skill when firing.
Built by Ancients: The technology used to create this weapon are lost. Any attempts to repair it are at a -20. Also, this is a relic to the Adeptus Mechanicus. If they should find out this thrice blessed machine is not in the hands of Quivil, they will stop at nothing to liberate it.
One of a Kind: Although this device can work with normal Melta ammunition, it works much better with nano-acidized canisters. Counts as Homemade rounds.


Inquisitor Quivil Oleous was well known and well liked by the Adeptus Mechanicus. After a long investigation he discovered and returned the Sceptre of Gerre to an Explorator fleet rather than it’s place of origin, the Iron Snakes Chapter Fortress Monastary on Karybdis. For this he received the a suit of much sought after flex plate armor. Decades later, Quivil thwarted the Lords of Hektor through subterfuge, preventing the corruption of two forgeworlds. For his actions, he was rewarded with an Energy Blade; a rare thing even among the ranks of the Inquisition. And finally, after culling a Necron Lord and somehow preserving it’s severed left hand from phasing out, the Inquisitor delivered the priceless artifact to Mars itself. And for this final and greatest deed he received his greatest gift; a unique and ancient inferno pistol. Compact, light, and well balanced, it’s easy to carry and deadly accurate when aiming. Despite this, the weapon still packs the punch of a standard inferno pistol. In fact, this weapon bears little resemblance to other inferno pistols or even melta weapons in general. And being that it even loads a specialized ammunition, some speculate it’s a lost artifact of a bygone era; either a predecessor to melta technology or a prototype successor.

Quick Justice

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