Javelin Pattern Boltgun

Napea Vall's Boltgun

weapon (ranged)

Fine Javelin Pattern Boltgun (90m; s/2/4; 1d10+6X; Pen 5; Clip 24; Reload Full; Tearing; Reliable; Tough as nails; High Impact)

Tough as nails: If this weapon would be destroyed due to a parry action, energy field, crushing treads of a tank, ect., it has a 50% chance of withstanding the blow and remaining unaffected.


Executive Officer Napea Vall was awarded this weapon when given the captain’s chair of her original ship, a light cruiser named Vengence. It was hand crafted by an artisan on the planet of Het in the Lathes region of the Calixis sector. The artisan, Javelin, was known for his exquisite Boltguns which may look common but are built to last. The worlds in the Lathes region have fluxing gravity wells that allow for super compression in their products. Plasteel that forms this gun is pressure forged using this natural phenomena to ensure it’s strength and durability. This has allowed Javelin to increase the muzzle velocity to a point that would destroy lesser weapons. As such, this Boltgun is able to fire on an automatic setting, has a bit more punch, a louder bang, and guarantees a satisfying impact!

Javelin Pattern Boltgun

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