Queen's Racer

Archaic warp capable transport


Name: Hope’s Revenge
Archaic Transport (Vagabond Class)
Dimensions: 2 km long, 0.4 km abeam approx.
Mass: 8 megatonnes approx.
Crew: 18000 crew, approx.
Accel: 2.1 gravities max acceleration
Speed: 4(5)
Manoeuvrability: –8
Detection: 10
Hull Integrity: 40
Armour: 13
Turret Rating: 1
Space: 40 (Used 28)
Power: 40 (Used 36)
Weapons: Thunderstrike Macrocannons Prow, Mars Pattern Macrocannons Dorsal,
Archaic Lathe Pattern Class 1 Drive, Strelov 1 Warp Engine, Geller Field, Single Void Shield Array, Commerce Bridge, M–1.r Life Sustainer – Increased morale losses +1,
Stoic Machine Spirit: Whenever one of the ship’s Component’s becomes damaged or unpowered, roll 1d10. On a 7 or higher, the ship shrugs off the damage and it is ignored.
Temperamental Warp Engine: Whenever the ship travels through the immaterium, the GM should
roll 1d10. On a 6 or lower, the journey takes an additional 1d5 weeks, on a 7 or higher, the travel time is reduced 1d5 weeks instead (potentially causing the ship to arrive before it left!). However, once in a great while, the ship will leave the warp to unexpectedly find itself someplace other than its intended destination. (This is at the GM’s discretion, but should not happen on a regular basis.)
Reliquary of Mars: This vessel has been outfitted with ancient archaeo-tech systems from mankind’s forgotten past. Any Tech-Use Tests to repair the ship suffer a –20, due to the highly complex nature of the machinery. Additionally,the tech priests of Mars regard the vessel as holy, or at least having holy components that belong in their worthy hands.
Pressed-crew Quarters: Decrease moral permanently by 2, M–100 Auger Array,
Crew Reclamation Facility: Reduce all losses of population by 3 to minimum of 1. Increases morale losses +1 .
Temple-Shrine to the God Emperor: Decrease Morale permanently by 3
Medicae Deck: Bonuses to medicae checks.
Cargo Hold: (Currently Triple Hammocked): Estimated capacity:13wx32hx120d = 4,992 km3 gross. 3,750 km3 post compartmentalization. 6 meter ceilings = 5 levels at 15.6 km3. Example cargos: 40,000 slaves, laborers, or troops in triple hammocks, 100,000 Full sized stacked shipping containers, or 4,000 Chimera APC vehicles.
Docking Bays Hope’s Revenge has 8 docking bays, 4 portside and 4 starboard. 6 of docks are uniformly 15m deep, 15m wide, and 10m high and 2 are 60m deep, 35m wide, and 35m high. Currently, six ships are docked. One Aquila lander, Furvitus, and four Arvus Lighters.


The long, sordid history of Hope’s Revenge is well known only to a select few officials and her crew. One of these people is Captain Wayard Cain. Her most recent history is governed by his steady hand, and these last few decades have been her calmest yet. Her last duty was as a ferry between two major worlds that has garnered little in the way of glory or excitement.
Hope’s Revenge, first known as “Queen’s Racer”, was most probably constructed during the Dark Age of Technology. The first records of this ship refer to it as an enemy ship belonging to the Nidin Conglomerate, a small human sovereignty on the edges of Imperial space. After that empire was assimilated during the Great Crusade, the ship passed into navy control. Her engines were of great interest to the Adeptus Mechanicus, and after the campaign the ship was to pass into their hands for study. However, the next mention of the ship is it’s service once again in the hands of rebels after which it’s quickly liberated and promised to the Adeptus before being mysteriously lost.
Then, just a century ago the ship resurfaced in the hands of a piracy ring that was shattered during a naval engagement. She was liberated once more and was temporarily serving as a ferry between the worlds of and Llvnn II. She was promised a safe journey to the Mechanicus as soon as the most recent rebellion, the Mutant Ascension, was quelled and order restored. Unfortunately she broke from dock and jumped to warp unexpectedly, and it’s feared that she may be lost to the Imperium once more.
Hope’s Revenge was recently found once more – in the hands of renegades that attacked the orbital defense platforms of Fydae Minos. The ship fared poorly and was destroyed in the end. It’s said that the magnificent engines gave quite a show when they were finally breached. The warp rift left by their implosion not only pull in most of the ship, but also the neighboring defense platform.

Queen's Racer

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