Energy Blade

Quivil's Energy Blade

weapon (melee)

Energy Blade (1d10+6E, Pen 7, Balanced, Powerfield)


Inquisitor Quivil Oleous was well known and well liked by the Adeptus Mechanicus. After a long investigation he discovered and returned the Sceptre of Gerre to an Explorator fleet rather than it’s place of origin, the Iron Snakes Chapter Fortress Monastary on Karybdis. For this he received a suit of much sought after flex plate armor. Decades later, Quivil thwarted the Lords of Hektor through subterfuge, preventing the corruption of two forgeworlds. For his actions, he was rewarded with an Energy Blade; a rare thing even among the ranks of the Inquisition. Although rarely unsheathed, even Quivil’s aging frame can easily wield this vicious weapon. It’s said that this weapon cut through only the most vile of heretics. Those he deemed so tainted that their blood would corrupt the ground it landed upon. So, to circumvent this issue, he cleaved into them with the energy blade which would cauterize as it disemboweled. It’s even whispered by some that towards the end of his life this blade was used to decapitate several of his most hated foes; navigators. During the Betrayal of Inquisitor Quivil this weapon was badly damaged. Repairing such an ancient device will be tricky, but well worth the reward.

Energy Blade

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