Arvus Lighter: Furtivus

Arvus Lighter previously owned by Graccus Fal. This vehicle is heavily modified in order to transport biological samples from orbit to his lab based in Dargon City


The Arvus Lighter is a utility shuttle designed to transport personnel and goods from a planet to a ship in orbit. It is slow, unwieldy, and unarmed, but very useful for transporting cargo. Most void craft carry several Argus or their equivalents. This particular version has been modified. Most of the room is no taken by hydro-stasis vessels used for transporting live humanoid samples intact and enveloped with life sustaining ichor.
Type: Spacecraft
Tactical Speed: 20 m / 22 AUs
Cruising Speed: 1,600 kph/5 VUs per Strategic Turn in Space
Manoeuvrability: –15
Structural Integrity: 30
Size: Enormous
Armour: Front 24, Side 22, Rear 22
Carrying Capacity: 6 people or equivalent in cargo.
Crew: Pilot, Co-Pilot
Weapons: None
Spacecraft: This vehicle may exit the atmosphere. While in the atmosphere it may operate as a skimmer or flyer at the pilot’s choice. It gains all benefits and drawbacks of skimmers and flyers. If operating as a flyer, it must be moving at least half its cruising speed at all times lest it begin a terminal dive to the earth below. In either case, if it becomes completely
immobilised due to damage, count the vehicle as destroyed instead as it crashes to the ground (or begins to fall out of the sky in a terminal dive).
Reconfigured: The ship’s Arvus Lighter chasis is almost unidentifiable by sight. Tests to visually identify the type of craft are at a -20.
Scan Diffusers: Flux-Lead plates and carbon scatterback panels conceal the contents of this vessel from all but the most sensitive scanners. Any tests to determine the contents of this shuttle from external sources are re-rolled if the first roll is successful. If the second roll is successful, the scanning party receives little information other than the visual outline of contents within.
Biocontainment: This ship has eight hydro-stasis vessels used for transporting live humanoid samples intact and enveloped with life sustaining ichor. These can contain any being the size of an average Ork or smaller. Any creature contained within will sustain an inanimate, living state until released from the chamber so long as the ship is powered.


Graccus Fal found this particular vessel in a completely different form. His ship, renamed Furtivus, was originally a junked Arvus Lighter called RT-66 by her mothership. It’s short life nearly ended when an inept pilot crashed the craft in a botched landing on Dargon Prime. RT-66 was headed for the scrap yard when Graccus pulled strings to have it transferred to his ownership. After salvage and intensive (border-line illegal) reconstruction Furtivus was born. Obtaining the necessary parts and expertise took several years as did the retrofits. The shuttle then served several very profitable decades without incident before commandeered by faux Inquisitorial agents during the Mutant Ascension.

Arvus Lighter: Furtivus

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