Torian Victrix



Weapons Skill: 51 Ballistics Skill: 52 (1) Strength: 43 Toughness: 37 Agility: 42 Intelligence: 50 Perception: 37 Willpower: 51 Fellowship: 41 Infamy: 41

Acrobatics – Commerce – Common Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) – Common Lore (Tech) – Common Lore (Imperial Guard) – Common Lore (Koronus Expanse) – Dodge – Forbidden Lore (Warp) – Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) – Forbidden Lore (Navigators) – Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) – Linguistics (Low Gothic) – Logic – Medicae (10) – Operate – Parry – Scholastic Lore (Chemistry) – Tech Use (20) – Trade (Armorer) -

Talents and Traits:
Die Hard – Technical Knock – Weapon training (Las, Primary, Shock) – Weapon training (Power) – Weapon training (Bolt) – Mechadendrite training (Utility) – Total Recall – Weapon Tech – Cold Hearted – Binary Chatter – The Quick and the Dead – 2 weapon wielder (Melee) – Ambidexterous – Quick Draw – Security – Step aside – Swift attack – Hardy – Combat formation – Mag Lev Transcendancy – Scrutiny – Deadeye Shot – Blind fighting -

Las Carbine – (Power) Great Axe – Bolt Pistol (with silencer and red dot laser site) – Energy Blade – Javelin Pattern Boltgun (with silencer and red dot laser site) – Standard Sword – Grenades (Frag)

Tech Priest Modifications:
electro graft – electron Inductors – Respirator Unit – Cyber Mantle – Cranial Circuitry – interface ports – Mechanicus Assimilation – Potentia Coil – Feric Lure – Mechadendrite (utility) – Mag – Lev Coils -

Lt carapice armor (6) [body, arms and legs]
Flak Helmut (4) [head]
Cyber Mantle (+1) [entire body and head]

Special Equipment:
Two (2) Mag-Loc Scabbards – one for my Power Axe (on left side) and one for my sword (on right side)
Two (2) Mag-Loc Holsters – one for my bolt pistol (on left side) and one for my bolt gun (on right side)

Combat Webbing Harness – Weighs 1 Kg but can hold up to 20 Kg
Backpack – Weighs 1 Kg but can hold up to 50 Kg

Movement Rate:
4 – 8 – 12 – 24

Infamy points:

Corruption Points:

Weight Limit:
36 Kg

Gifts of the Gods:
1.) Infernal Will:
Immune to fear (if fail on skill check – roll on shock table (pg. 93);
once aligned – can adjust the skill check roll by corruption bonus

2.) Chaos Organ:
Ballistic Skill (1): whenever you succeed on a test utilizing this characteristic, you
gain a number of bonus degrees of success equal to half of their unnatural
characteristic (minimum 1).
I also have an unusual eyeball; one that I keep concealed behind a visor on my

Chaos God Alignment Advancement Totals:
Khorne: 2 Nurgle: 1 Slaanesh: 2 Tzineetch: 7


Originally from:
Agustia (A cemetary Planet) in the Heathen Star Group which is part of the Koronus Expanse.

Back Story:
I left my home world with a group of Mechanicus Adeptus called the Deciples of Thule and adventured around the Koronous Expanse looking for ancient technologies and whatever wisdom that we could acquire from it. While traveling throughout the region, I became disillusioned with the hierarchy of the group and how only the top escilon was able to have access to the treasures that we had taken, so after finding a power great axe I departed and found my way off of the planet by stowing away aboard the ship that belonged to a group of rogue traders. At their next stop, I left them and joined a different group of rogue traders that were not affiliated with the Deciples of Thule and began working the expanse again. This new group and I finally wound in trouble when we were making a raid of an outpost. Someone had missed the fact that there were going to be imperials show up along with a supply shipment. Once we realized that we were outnumbered by a superior opponent, the groups leader sent our scrounges out to acquire an escape vehicle. They found a small lander craft, so when they came back to where we were and told the boss; he took the main portion of his group and ran for the lander craft, leaving me and one other guy to fend off the imperials. The other guy with me was killed and I was captured when they charged us. The part of the group that fled with the boss were killed when they tried to escape using the stolen lander. The landing craft was blown out of the sky as it lifted off by the imperial escort ship that was with the supply ship – nothing left of the group but atoms. I was then sent to the prison where I met my new group.




Torian Victrix

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