WS BS S T AG INT PER WP FEL INF Corruption – 46 Wounds – 11
42 43 35 39 36 43 38 55 43 60

Awareness, Common Lore (Screaming Vortex, Adeptus Arbites, Ascension Rebel, Dorgan PDF), Decieve, Dodge, Forbidden Lore (Psykers, The Warp, Inquisition, Heresy), Linguistics (Low Gothic), Logic, Navigate (Warp), Psyniscience, Tech-Use, Trade (Linguist)

The Quick and the Dead, Psyker, Psy Rating 6, Jaded, Weapon Training (Primary, Las), Warp Sense, Total Recall, Bound, Unarmed Warrior, Unnatural Willpower +2, Projectile Attack, Mark of Tzeentch

Thought Sending, Mind Over Matter, Precognition, Telekinetic Shield, Preturnatural Awareness, Doombolt, Mind Probe, Psychic Scream, Mind’s Eye, Mind Scan, Foul Cage, Delude, Compel, Sensory Deprivation, Dominate, Puppet Master, Reprogram, Gift of Chaos


Growing up on Furia was living in a wet, featureless hell. The wrecks his people had welded together into a floating village were almost as dangerous at times as the horrors that occasionally rose from below the surface of the water to consume and kill his family and neighbors.
He was delighted when he discovered his psy powers, for the gave him a better chance to survive, not only the creatures in the water, but the predators in his floating “village” as well.

Then came the day when the ship came down, looking for resources. The crew decided he would be an excellent addition, after he’d killed a few with his powers. Unable to stand up against the onslaught of a dozen of them, he was subdued in short order, and bundled aboard the ship. The next few months were spent being beaten, “trained” as a warp witch, and given instruction in obedience to the captain. He learned quickly to go along with his captors, and was merely biding his time.

While in orbit around the planet Dargon, he managed to convince the captain that a visit to the planet’s surface could be worthwhile. Unfortunately, while there, he was arrested, and thrown in jail. But it gave him his freedom from the ship. All he needed now was a way out of jail.


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