What doesn't kill you...

Session Thirteen

The team makes arrangements for a flight into low orbit of Fydae Minos. On the way up Segovaxx penetrates and reprograms the mind of the pilot, and then after reaching the orbital docks reprograms the Admiral of a trade fleet. In the end, the group is virtually in possession of a small fleet.
This new fleet drops off their grain cargo, does a bit of dealing with the Stryxis, and then, passing through the Maw, heads into the Kronus Expanse. The first stop is Corpse-Fortune; a dead world just outside of the Screaming Vortex. Seeking a book that allegedly holds the secrets to creating daemonhosts, the team takes a large compliment of crew to the surface and investigates a research facility. All life that may have once existed on this planet, including the researchers, is gone with the exception of some bloody remains in the airlock. They find not only a book, but after some digging, a large oval gem stone. Unfortunately, after a few hours of investigation, the skin of unprotected crew begins to flake and slough. They are immediately sent back to the ship and the team soon follows.
Each member of the team gains 500 experience for the session. In addition, everyone receives 1 corruption point for unearthing The Labyrinth Stone. Finally, Your reputation precedes you as the pirates spread the tale of The Fydae Folly, and so each team member gains 3 infamy points.

The Labyrinth Stone



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