The Men are Assembled, Sir!

Session Fourteen

The remaining crew and team members make their way off of Corpse-Fortune and immediately dive into their discovered text. They learn little through the ramblings and deep scans show nothing abnormal on the surface. Undeterred, they each begin to explore their personal goals while in orbit. Nemeth Zar’Akin binds several daemon weapons, Vae’rul Tormaegus preaches to the crew, corrupting them one by one, and Torian Victrix works closely with Nixios Kin’Talos to repair Braghar’s helmet. After a few weeks, the fleet departs the system and makes it’s way to Iniquity. After dropping out of warp, the group convenes and discusses strange dreams and whispers they’ve experienced during travel. It appears that the discordant information, when combined, forms a story about The Labyrinth Stone. Armed with this information, Nemeth Zar’Akin takes the artifact to a cargo bay along with a group of ratings. The Beast of Dreams awakens and devours all those before him, save Nemeth Zar’Akin. Although he reigns freely over the ship for a few days, once the group reaches port they demand his departure, and upon refusal, destroy the beast in one fell swoop. In port, the group gathers some needed resources, exchanges their crew for tainted slaves, and readies for another expedition. It seems that the groundwork is lain for a Black Crusade.
Each member (with the exception of Nixios Kin’Talos) gains 500 experience for the session, 250 bonus experience for completing their compact, and 100 bonus experience for completing their implied compact for a total of 850 experience. In addition, the each member recieves 29 infamy points and 7 corruption. Three of the corruption points are gained for selling off tens of thousands of crew to slavery in the pitiful depths of Iniquity. The rest is calculated as follows:

Compact: Home Town
Primary Objective: Secure Home Port +3 Infamy
Dedication to Tzeentch: +5 Infamy, +4 Corruption
Secondary Objective 1: Find or create navigator +2 Infamy
Secondary Objective 2: Find Kronus Starcharts FAILED
Secondary Objective 3: Find an acceptable port of call +2 Infamy
Secondary Objective 4: Secure/Obtain Refit +2 Infamy
Secondary Objective 5: Corrupt the Majority of the crew +2 Infamy

Complication Implied Compact: Escape from Fydae Minos
Implied Primary Objective: Obtain void craft and escape the Fydae system +3 Infamy
Implied Secondary Objective: Organize and regroup party in Minos City +2 Infamy
Implied Secondary Objective: Infiltrate Cult +2 Infamy
Implied Secondary Objective: Destroy Cult +2 Infamy
Implied Secondary Objective: Obtain access to space docks +2 Infamy
Implied Secondary Objective: Access and wrest control of Void Ship +2 Infamy

Nixios Kin’Talos gains 500 experience for the session and 100 bonus experience (600 total), 6 infamy, and 4 corruption for his contributions this session. Vae’rul Tormaegus gains an additional 4 infamy and will roll once on the “Rewards of Tzeentch” table at the beginning of next for weaving falsehood into the ecclesiarchy of Minos City.
None of the team members completed their tertiary objectives, however, Braghar, Seethe, and Vae’rul Tormaegus will be given two tertiary objectives to complete in the next compact since they did not have a chance to complete a tertiary objective during this compact.



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