Seeds of Ascension

Session Seventeen

The group pushes deeper into the vaults, finally coming across the rival warband. The opponents are quickly dispatched, but differences in the group boil over and they began to attack each other. This strife is quieted by the combined efforts of Nemeth Zar’Akin and Vae’rul Tormaegus, but not before resulting in the spawndom of Seethe and the speedy retreat of Nixios Kin’Talos. After the Tyrant’s Cord is secured and fastened to Vae’rul Tormaegus’s arm, the group heads back to the Weeping Halls at the head of hundreds of heavily armed troops. Liege Vycraft quickly capitulates upon seeing the overwhelming force, and pledges his undying (if questionable) loyalty.

Each member of the group gains 500 experience for successfully completing this mission. In addition, each group member gains an additional 3 infamy for eliminating a rival warband and claiming the Tyrant’s Cord, and Vae’rul Tormaegus gains an additional 2 infamy and 2 corruption for wielding it. Lastly, Braghar, Segovaxx, and Torian Victrix receive 2 additional corruption as Malal looks favorably upon their devotion to the true nature of chaos. Vae’rul Tormaegus and Nemeth Zar’Akin recieve 2 corruption as the other Gods bless them for uniting the group once more in the grander vision of a Black Crusade.
All is going according to plan...



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