Dungeon Crawl

The team pushes further into the vaults beneth Sacgrave, finding a few truths, lies, and artifacts of use. A juggernaut of Khorne awakens along with two blood letters upon the gentle caress of Seethe. A library of whispering artifacts imbues several members with knowledge at the cost of a fragment of their sanity. The vicious Dark Eldar are encounter and quickly dispatched. A daemon weapon is discovered along with a valuable artifact that might satisfy an old debt to the same aliens, the Dark Eldar. An ancient laboratory yields secrets that may lead to the final resting place of the Kasserkratch. And at the end of their journey, the group comes upon a horde of half mechanical monstrosities that are then destroyed utterly by their combined daemon fire. Surely the rival warband is just a few steps away, and then the Tyrant’s Cord will be within their grasp!

Each member of the group will receive 500 experience for this session and 2 infamy for blowing through the competition in stride. In addition, several members of the group gained varying levels of corruption for letting a bit of the whispering library enter their mind. Lastly, Braghar gains an additional 2 infamy and 1 corruption for single handily decimating the Juggernaut, and Segovaxx gains 1 corruption as Tzeentch is pleased with his manipulation of the Dark Eldar warlord.

The Tyrants Cord



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