Down the Rabbit hole

Session Eleven

The group lands on the night side of Fydae Minos. To make it worse, it’s also the dead of winter. The members are separated by an unknown distance and so Nemeth Zar’Akin sends a thought to whoever is listening and unleashes a gout of flame to get their attention and the group reunites after a short trek.Torian Victrix constructs a sleigh from the wreckage of their escape pod while the rest of the group keeps warm by the fire, and then Braghar tows them all towards the light of the city. They pick up a rating along the way, and then stop at a farm house to spend the night.
The tenant, an old farmer with 5 daughters, welcomed the strangers in after some charming by Vae’rul Tormaegus. However, one thing leads to another; the family shire is desecrated, the daughters are slaughtered, the house is burnt to the ground, and the vehicles are stolen by the group. They end up in the outskirts of Minos City, and manage to find a hide out after ditching the stolen vehicles. Once settled, the group tries to infiltrate the local imperial cult. Although initially successful in infiltrating a congregation, the same congregation is no where to be found the following week. Luckily, the mind of the Chapter Minister, Promeus, was probed by Segovaxx and it seems that they only need wait a month before they can infiltrate at an even higher level.
Each of you gains 500 experience for this session. In addition, Vae’rul Tormaegus and Nemeth Zar’Akin each gained 1 corruption in game for their desecration of a personal shrine.

Site of the now infamous Morning Massacre



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