Death From Above

Session Nine

After two weeks in warp, Queen’s Racer drops out dangerously close to the planet of Malfi; within gravity well and into the sights of the orbital defenses. Luckily, this planet is used to heavy traffic and incompetent navigators so the faux pas is ignored. The team takes full advantage of a local Stryxis caravan to sell their passengers for access to rare weapons and devices. Some of the innocent refugees sold will become slaves; those wounded or too weak to work will be rendered for meat in Stryxis flesh-crafting vats. At the close of the negotiations Braghar, an imposing Space Marine of dubious origin claims his place among these upstart humans. Originally locked in his quarters aboard Queen’s Racer via captain Nemeth Zar’Akin’s orders, it seems that he may not be contained so easily for long.
A quick visit to the Malfi orbital docks gives the crew a well deserved rest and replenishes crew. The team draws up a new compact to find a base of operations. However, the warp jump to the next system is delayed as engineers are unable to continue repairs. It turns out that the crew have been mysteriously disappearing into the dark. The team goes to investigate, finding and purging an infestation of hullghasts in the deepest bowels of the ship.
Each member receives 500 experience for this session. In addition, each of you has gained 3 corruption and 2 infamy for selling tens of thousands of innocent refuges into slavery (or worse). Torian Victrix received an additional 4 corruption in game for cheerfully volunteering to personally execute 3500 critically wounded civilians. After communicating directly with an ancient and possible insane machine spirit, Nemeth Zar’Akin received a special blessing from Tzeentch in game; an obsession with organizing his possessions and actions around the sacred number of nine. The full details of the new contract can be view here.
A gloomhaunt stalking an unfortunate engineer



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