Beginnings of Conquest

Session Fifteen

The group makes it’s first move in the quest for domination; the formation of a new compact to muster the forces needed for a Black Crusade. First step: retrieve star charts and Tyrants Cord from Sacgrave. The group departs Iniquity in the smallest and fastest ship of their company, Braghar’s scout sloop. After spending what seems like over a month in the warp, they finally arrive. Making landfall in an Arvus Lighter, they head for distress beacon of the last known craft to have possession of the Tyrant’s Cord. First, they talk to Leige Vycraft while Segovaxx casually digs through his mind. Vycraft proposes they take care of a mutant problem in exchange for limited access to his star charts. The mutants are easily dispatch edby way of heavy bolter fire from the back hatch of the lighter. They also find the downed craft, and it seems the crew had been butchered by an unknown party and the cord is missing. Perhaps it has something to do with the recent arrival of another rival party who is known to have descended into the vaults – only one way to find out!
Each member of the party has gained 500 experience for this session. In addition, each member has gains 1 corruption and 1 infamy; the gods are pleased with your mutant massacre. The new compact can be found here.
The Commodity Stalls



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